Falling into Winter

This is going to be a short one as I’m still testing the waters.. 🙂

Our fall has been nothing short of busy.

This year two kids are in school and we’re back down to one at home. I didn’t realize how much help the older two were until they were both gone during the day.  We’ve adjusted, but we sure do miss them during the school day.

A beautiful Montana sunrise.


The kids got their letters and lists done and sent off to Santa this past week. They are really excited to hear back from him 🙂 Here’s the address in case your littles want to do the same!



I finally finished my very first quilt right before Thanksgiving this year! It took me awhile, but it is done and I couldn’t be happier.  It turned out perfect and the best part is the nursery is complete and this quilt gets cuddled with every night by a very smiley little boy. I was lucky enough to get to use my mother-in-laws sewing machine. Now, I’m just impatiently waiting on a new foot for my machine to show up so I can continue on with more projects!


My very first quilt.


Here’s a free printable list to help you out with your Christmas shopping! I hope to have some type of helpful or decorative print ready for you with every blog! I’m open to suggestions so please send me a message or leave me a comment on my page!
Christmas Shopping List


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